Body Threads

Recovery in demanding areas of the body is now done with threads in the medical office. With Body Thread Lift, we can completely refresh our body image without undergoing surgery if there is mild to intense flaccidity.

What is it?

The threads are applied to the knees, abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks, and are completely safe as they have been used in vascular surgery for over thirty years. They are fully absorbable by the body, do not cause reactions, and in essence they cause collagenesis.

Ideal treatment for:

  • “Brazilian Lift” buttocks
  • On the arms (“under arm”) for strong improvement of loose skin
  •  Eliminate, smooth of flaccid skin on the abdomen
  • Excellent tightening and straightening of the inner thighs
  •  Tighten knee skin flaccidity

There are various types of PDO threads that either form a reinforced inner backing web that supports the tissues in a completely secure manner, or act with direct pull for lifting. In the first category belong the monofilament PDOs and the most powerful spirals (PDO screws). The second category consists of hookworms (PDO COG). The PDO filaments induce an inflammatory response, attract platelets and neutrophils, and then activate the fibroblasts resulting in the production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen is also produced by the irritation of the skin by the application of a needle, which enhances the effects of treatment, as it happens with many injectable treatments. The treatment is indicated for people over 35 years of age and on skins that have obvious relaxation in typically difficult areas of the body such as the arms, knees, and abdomen or inner thighs. They are the appropriate treatment even after a sudden loss of weight or skin flaccidity due to a recent pregnancy. Of course, contraindications include the possibility of pregnancy, coagulation disorders or taking anticoagulants.

Like the face treatments, body and PDO threads are a Lunch Time technique as they are performed in the medical office, with anesthetic cream within 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the area. The method is painless, bloodless, without incisions or scars. Patients return immediately to their activities and simply avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours.

The result of the treatment is evident immediately after the treatment but the very impressive results come gradually up to 3 months after the treatment where we have the perfect result!

Combination therapies:
PDO threads for the body can be perfectly combined with Liposonix, the No1 laser in the US for non-surgical one-hour liposuction, but also with injectable mesotherapy sessions mainly to improve and smooth out cellulite. PDO threads can also be used after appropriate Aqualyx treatments for bloodless injectable lipolysis. Most treatments can be performed 15 days after the filaments are placed.