Hair loss

Hair loss is the loss of hair due to any justification. It can occur at any age, although it is more common in adults.


In childhood, hair loss can occur due to anemia, congenital abnormalities of the hair structure, scalp fungal infections, and alopecia areata. The treatment is performed after the clinical exam and the corresponding laboratory examination according to the symptomatology.

In adults, the reasons are the same as that of children. In addition, heavily treated hair, thyroid disease, pneumonia and other diseases of internal pathology are reasons for hair loss. Also, androgenic alopecia that occurs in both men and women, but with a different clinical picture. The treatment consists in eliminating the potential responsible factors and restarting the hair life cycle using topical minoxidil and autologous mesotherapy.

At the end of the treatment in the above cases, hair regrowth is observed. However, in cases such as Erythematosus lupus or neglected cases of hair loss, reappraisal may not be observed as scar tissue develops in the hair follicles area.

For this reason, hair loss should be treated at its appearance in order to preserve the existing hair growth.