Excess body fat

Excess body fat is due to abnormal & excessive accumulation of fat in areas of the body such as belly, thighs, buttocks, jaw, arms, “love handles” around the waist. These areas, and not just only them, make it difficult to lose local fat despite diet and balanced nutrition. These areas of course are determined by the gender, age, exercise and genetic predisposition of each person.

At Skin Medical Secrets, we have an integrated “armory” against local fat. Specifically, after the clinical examination by Dr. Albanopoulou, solutions as needed may be:

For double chin: endolipidic therapy Aqualyx, PDO yarns, HIFU

For the belly and the “love handles”: Liposonix, Cryolipolysis, Aqualyx

For the underarms: focused high radio frequency HIFU

For “buns”:, body mesotherapy, Aqualyx, HIFU