Tattoo removal

When you got one (or more) tattoos, you were sure that you would keep it forever, to remind you of something special. But in the end, you regretted it and now you want to know how to get rid of what was intended for your “indelible ornament”.

At Skin Medical Secrets tattoo removal is done with a Plexr Soft Surgery laser.

It destroys the granules of the tattoo pigment (they are under the skin about a millimeter deep) and these “damaged” granules are then eliminated from the cells via our immune system. The process of removing a small or medium-sized tattoo usually takes 10-20 minutes. If the size of the tattoo exceeds the size of two palms or the colors are “difficult”, then the session lasts longer. Removing a tattoo requires more than 1-2 sessions, in one month intervals.