Body Mesotherapy

Cellulite is a condition of adipose tissue that externally gives the appearance of “orange peel”. It appears in both thin and obese persons. The medical treatment of cellulite can be done by injectable mesotherapy.

What is it?

They are injections into the affected area at the depth of the middle layer of the skin, hence the name of the treatment. It applies the technique of “micro-injections” or “multi-pricking” to the affected areas using 4mm-sized needles (as thin as eyelashes), so that the stinging is painless. After applying anesthetic cream at the area to be treated, the doctor injects a cocktail of herbal medicines (caffeine, procaine, pentoxifylline, hyaluronidase, phosphotidylcholine etc.) which have lipolytic, vasoconstrictive, contraction and testicular properties that improve microcirculation and fat cells degradation.

Depending on the degree of cellulite and its extent, the number of sessions as well as the intervals is varied. 4-8 sessions are enough for a good result. There are no contraindications or side effects!

Combined with carboxytherapy depending on the degree of cellulite.

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