Facial mesotherapy

Infusion of ACE Vitamins Intradermally with Mesotherapy! Heterologous mesotherapy results in the treatment of skin deterioration:
Face & Neck Moisturized, without fine lines, firm throughout.

What is it?

The new mesotherapy that Dr. Albanopoulou uses is Toskani, with which the doctor can provide hydration and brightness all over the face. The advantage of this application is that it is done with a microcannule rather than injections, which reduces the chances of bruising resulting from a vessel injury and recedes after a few days.

In essence, we inject hyaluronic acid for hydration and vitamins E, C and B complex and trace elements for nutrition and the result is immediate radiance and youthfulness. The application is made with a microcannula. This practically means that we have 2 entrance points on the face for the needle passage and thus no pain, and no bruises and cuts. We insert the Toskani mesotherapy material with the needle radially in the face and correct cheekbones, nose, dark circles. Immediately afterwards the entire oval of the face is restored.

For the throat, Dr. Albanopoulou applies new Injection Techniques of special therapeutic cocktails, 4 types of infusion angles, in recurring sessions depending on the existing problem!

The result: Neck hydrated, without fine lines, firm.