CO2-powered treatment … that improves skin elasticity, fights white stretch marks, dissolves local fat, suppresses cellulite and reduces wrinkles!

What is it?

With the rapid advancement of cosmetic medicine, dioxide treatment is performed with a state-of-the-art medical device, Carboxytherapy, whose results make it the No. 1 and the most widely used and unique machine in the fight against white stretch marks from the first session. It is a painless procedure, performed in repeated sessions per week of half an hour duration. The number of sessions is determined by the physician during the clinical examination and depending on the existing problem.

Application to the affected areas is done with the help of subtle needles who direct the therapeutic gas of the machine transcutaneously and subcutaneously. It is ideal for:

  • body and face to eliminate dark circles,
  • restoring the natural contour of the face,
  • Fat reduction in the “love handles”, buttocks, waist, abdomen and localized fat increase under the jaw (double chin) and neck
  • Spectacular effects on cellulite and relaxation on the buttocks and thighs and on difficult areas such as the knee!
  • It is also recommended in cases of lipodystrophy to normalize the overall appearance of the skin! Immediate results from the 1st or 2nd session, and with an average cycle of 5-7 treatments, a combination therapy with mesotherapy can be performed.

There are no contraindications and no local anesthesia is required, and you can return immediately to your daily tasks. In rare cases, extractions (small bruises) recede very quickly.