Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite GentleLASE Pro ™ Candela for fast, painless & permanent hair removal!

What is it?

Laser is now used in modern dermatology as a guaranteed method of hair removal.  Laser is essentially a monochromatic beam of light that is absorbed by specific target tissues and acts on so-called photothermolysis.

For hair removal, the laser Alexandrite that targets chromophores, such as the melanin found in the hair, is preferred. The epilation session is preferable to be done at the regenerative phase of the hair and can be repeated in 1 to 2 months, depending on the clinical response and the type of skin.
strong>Alexandrite Laser μcan be applied to any area of the body (face, torso, perigenital area) for both men and women. It even has complete medical indication in conditions such as persistent folliculitis, sweat adenitis and hair growth due to endocrine diseases.
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