Liposculpture with high intensity ultrasound!
Liposonix is No1 in the US and it only takes 1 session. In 1 month… a size smaller!

What is it?

Fat-free belly, disappearing of the unsightly “side buns”, smaller waist circumference with the most modern non-invasive procedure in a single one-hour walk in – walk out session. Men and women who are concerned about local fat around the navel, the abdomen but also around the waist and “love handles” beneath the ribs, knees or arms.

Up to now, the only solution has been liposuction surgery. Liposonix comes to solve this problem with a single session. A new bloodless, anesthesia-free treatment that is performed only once on the affected area. It is an innovation in the field of Aesthetic Medicine with a huge comparative advantage over existing fat reducing medical machines, making it the # 1 treatment in US.

Liposonix is essentially a body contouring system. Made in California USA and we have the only one currently available in Greece!

It is focused on using high intensity ultrasound (HIFU) to permanently destroy subcutaneous adipose tissue. HIFU allows us to focus on one spot and channel the immediate ultrasound energy to a specific depth with the help of a special head to dissolve fat without affecting the skin or deeper tissue.

The Liposonix system has been approved by the FDA since October 2011. Suitable for people with localized abdominal fat and at the waist, buttocks, arms or knees. The thickness of fat should not exceed one inch (2.5 cm) with a “pinch” test. Assuming we had the example of applying it to a patient with local fat around the waist, applying a one-hour session of Liposonix and after a month, the patient would find a striking difference in size! It is ideal for cases of local fat that cannot be treated with diet or exercise.

The machine is made up of a round head so the treatment becomes more targeted and the handle has a built-in sprayer that makes the process simple and very easy for the person undergoing the treatment.

It is not designed for high fat reduction intensity, such as liposuction. The ideal patient has a body mass index of less than 30. The results are seen in 8-12 weeks (2 – 3 months) after the destruction of the fat adipocytes excreted by natural process.

The result is spectacular, permanent and the procedure is safe and painless. It promises to achieve the desired body contour and fulfills its promise!