Breast Augmentation

The popular breast augmentation is the procedure that reshapes the breast in terms of its shape, volume and contour.

What is it?

The popular breast augmentation is a breast remodeling procedure, changing shape and volume with silicone inserts, autologous fat, slow release hyaluronic acid or saline inserts, enhancing a woman’s self-confidence and femininity!

The negative consequences of a pregnancy, weight loss, natural aging in the shape of the breast, or even the disappointing results of previous aesthetic surgery on the chest, make breast augmentation one of the most widely used surgeries in the world in the 1960s.

For the Plastic Surgeon one of the most important factors for a successful plastic breast surgery is the excellent quality of the silicone inserts, so we use the well-known brands Allergan and Mentor, which guarantee that the inserts do not need to be changed if the checks -up is normal.

If a patient chooses saline implants they should be aware that these implants are harder than the silicone gel ones, and a significant percentage of them deflate, and in that case the surgery should be reassessed.

During the first visit and without any time pressure, the following should be discussed in detail for each case:

  1. the size
  2. whether to use round or anatomic silicone prostheses
  3. whether to use round or anatomic silicone prostheses
  4. the point where the incision will be made

It has been medically proven that silicone implants have no effect on health and lactation. Of course, pre-operative examination and a six-month follow-up by a mammologist will be recommended by the Plastic Surgeon for the pre-operative breast examination. There is no problem in diagnosing various breast ailments after using silicone inserts.

The procedure is performed with general or local anesthesia and the patient leaves the clinic the same afternoon wearing a sports bra.

Undoubtedly, breast augmentation provides excellent aesthetic and psychological results.


  1. Do not show your plastic a picture with what you think is perfect for your breasts. The factors that determine a breast ideal for your body type vary and result from specific measurements that Dr. Constantoglou will make!
  2. If you want a natural look for your chest avoid the round inserts and ask for the anatomical “tear” shaped ones!
  3. Exposure to the sun causes collagen and elastin decrease and the chest no longer appears firm while creating spots, wrinkles and flaccidity of the skin.
  4. Ask which fitness exercises are fit for perfect breasts.
  5. Moreover, most importantly, breast ultrasound or mammography should be done frequently, so that you keep up with your health!