Breast reduction

Breast reduction is the operation with the highest percentage of satisfied women!

What is it?

Large and heavy breasts can be annoying,because they cause back, shoulder and waist pain, changing body posture, interfering with daily activities and sports. In addition, increased breast size is usually associated with breast drop and the patient is unhappy about the aesthetic angle. For this reason, breast reduction is the operation with the highest percentage of satisfied women!

Although the main goal is to reduce breast size and weight, the aesthetic part to lift the nipple and create a nice shape is just as important. The surgery can be done from the age of 17, if there is a major problem.

At Skin Medical Secrets  the Plastic Surgeon will evaluate breast hypertrophy, nipple drop, asymmetry, and discuss the size his patient would like to have. The role of the surgeon is to reduce the length of the scars, without sacrificing the aesthetic effect.

There are many breast reduction techniques, depending on the case, and most often result in inverted T shape (or anchor shape).

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about 2 to 3 hours. The patient leaves the clinic the next day, wearing a sports bra. The scars are red and hard for the first 2-3 months. For this reason, at the healing phase it is recommended to use Fraxel Laser and silicone sheets, so as to get the best healing possible.

There is edema in the first 5-7 days and the patient can return to work and daily activities after 5 days, and start fitness exercises for the upper body after 5 weeks. It is not a painful surgery despite the fact that it has relatively large incisions. The stitches are removed in 3 weeks and the bra is worn for 6 weeks.

Complications such as necrosis and nipple hypersensitivity are rare. There is no problem with later pregnancy and breastfeeding depends on the size of the breast: in small and medium cases, it is possible to breastfeed. Reducing surgery has no risk of developing breast cancer.