Acne treatment

Acne is a very common skin condition characterized by open comedones and closed (pimples) and pustules (pimples). It usually occurs during adolescence, but can be seen later in adulthood, even in severe breakouts.


The affected areas are mainly the face, back, but also the chest area. Although acne does not threaten the physical integrity of the individual, there may be a psychological burden due to the intense elements of acne or even scarring that is left in visible places, such as the face.

Can acne be cured? Fortunately, with scientific advances, there is now a variety of “weapons” against acne. Depending on the type and the hormonal and genetic background of the individual, it is possible to use both topical and systemic preparations (antibiotics, contraceptives and Vitamin A derivatives) alone or in combination.

In addition, the aesthetic restoration of the discoloration and acne scars is done using chemical Peeling and Laser. Both of these methods aim at homogeneous skin texture and elimination of visible scars. The dermatologist selects the treatment according to the type of acne, skin type and sun exposure.