Arm Surgery

Also known as Arm Lift, the arm surgery forms the lower part of the arm, specifically from the area of the axillary fold to the elbow, giving again the sensation and appearance of the vigorous and youthful arm, freeing patients from “flabby arms”.

What is it?

Weight fluctuations, age and heredity are the main causes of arm relaxation. It is certain that exercise can strengthen and improve the arm muscles, but it cannot deal with any excess skin that has lost its elasticity.

In Skin Medical Secrets, the Plastic Surgeon removes the excess skin, that is, loose skin, in axillary areas with a V-shaped incision or otherwise a “crescent”, which is concealed by closing the arm. In cases where the problem is widespread the incision will extend from the axillary area to the elbow. Over time this scar will become white and will look more and more like a natural crease on the skin.