Rhinoplastic surgery and its effects often play a social and psychological role in the life of a woman and a man. Many of our patients, recovering from the surgery and looking at their final beautiful profile, showed increased levels of self-confidence, stable emotional well-being and even greater self-esteem!

What is it?

A badly shaped nose can be congenital or acquired, that is, it can be caused by an accident or an unsuccessful operation. However, in most cases it is the result of disproportionate bone growth in cartilage. The cartilage, which comprises the bulk of the nose skeleton, grows disproportionately to the bones. This cartilage overgrowth usually occurs during adolescence and then the nasal harmony of childhood is often disturbed.

It is one of the most popular operations. The surgery is performed only by specialized doctors because in addition to the aesthetic part, the proper functioning of the nose, the proper breathing and of course the right aesthetic harmony in the face play an important role.

It is performed under general anesthesia and is considered a painless surgery!